Sleep Medicine

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North Estonia Medical Centre

Oksana Berg
+372 617 1139
License L02528

Sleep specialists put Estonia among the leading countries in the world for development work in sleep medicine, and in 2014 the pan-European conference on sleep medicine was held here.

An individual and effective approach:
On average 10% of the population are afflicted by sleep disorders, which can cause serious social, economic and health problems. Sleep medicine in Estonia is highly personalised and the causes of the problems can be addressed in many ways, from consultation and advice to sophisticated breathing apparatus and operations. Efficient diagnostic methods mean that sleep research in Estonia is quick and comes at a good price, saving both time and money for patients. Waiting lists are half as long as in many European countries, or even shorter.

Easy to combine with a holiday
New therapies and convenient diagnostic methods mean that treatment can easily be combined with a tourist holiday. Sleep research can even be done during certain nights in the patient’s own chosen hotel room if required.

An experienced treatment team
The treatment team can include a somnologist, a pulmonologist, a neurologist, a psychiatrist, an ear, nose and throat doctor, other specialists, and sleep nurses and technicians. Estonian somnologists and sleep nurses have at least 15 years of experience of international scientific research in their field and the Estonian Sleep Medicine Association is a member of the Nordic Sleep Research Society and the European Sleep Research Society.

• Appointment with a doctor of sleep medicine
• Diagnosis of sleep disorders, with somnolence tests, limited and full polysomnographic studies, identification of the causes of sleep disorders through radiological (CT) studies, blood gas analysis, and spirometry and allergy studies
• Treatment for sleep disorders with CPAP and AUTO-PAP testing and administration of treatment, cognitive and behavioural therapy, and intraoral devices and surgery if required.

Sample prices*:
Diagnostic package for sleep apnoea: € 475
Treatment package for sleep apnoea: € 450
A further € 740 – € 840 € is added to the treatment package for sleep apnoea if the patient continues with outpatient treatment using the CPAP equipment.
*Prices are given as a guideline only. The actual price will depend on the choice of services.