Dr. Niin Dermato-Oncology Clinic

Multidisciplinary treatment of skin tumours in a recognised specialist private clinic that is focused on oncology but diagnoses and treats other skin diseases as well:
• Founded in 2009 as a specialised private clinic
• Owned by the head doctor, surgeon Dr Niin and her son, who manages the clinic work
13 doctors and a total of 18 staff
• Around 13,000 visits a year

The head doctor is a surgeon and oncologist with a top reputation in Europe
The experienced doctors at the clinic offer multidisciplinary dermatological and oncological diagnosis and treatment from a dermatologist, a surgeon and an oncologist. The head of the clinic Dr Marianne Niin, after whom the clinic is named, is a doctor of medicine with 35 years of experience and is a surgeon and oncologist who is recognised across Europe as a specialist in treating melanomas. Dr Niin is part of the European Melanoma Taskforce working group and has co-authored several international research papers.

Top quality treatment for skin tumours
Almost half of the cases of melanomas in Estonia have been identified by the Dr. Niin Dermato-Oncology Clinic. Alongside melanomas, other skin diseases are diagnosed and treated as well, and aesthetic procedures and beauty surgery can also be done. Most services are pro- vided as outpatient or day treatments while diagnostics and inpatient care are done in close cooperation with East-Tallinn Central Hospital.

The teledermoscopy service
Dermtest is a teledermoscopy service developed by the Dr. Niin Dermato-Oncology Clinic that uses a dermoscope (DermLite), internet-based software and diagnoses by famous Estonian doctors. For more information see Dermtest.


+372 615 4115
Licence number L02718
Location: Tallinn

• Aesthetic procedures for skin and plastic surgery
• Diagnosis of skin tumours including teledermoscopy
• Surgery for skin tumours with outpatient or inpatient care
• Second opinions for melanoma patients, oncological consultations
• Diagnosis and treatment of skin disease