Why Estonia?

Estonian medicine means affordable Scandinavian quality

Medical assistance is a field of service where patients can make their own choices and where international borders are of ever decreasing importance. Cross-border medical services are supported by the law, particularly the European Union directive on patient rights. Estonia represents a smart choice for anyone looking for foreign treatment.

Estonian medicine gives rapid access to Scandinavian quality at a fair price. This is made possible by the international experience of our doctors, the high standards of our medical institutions, openness to innovative solutions, large-scale investments, and transparent pricing policy.

Forward-thinking approach has made Estonia one of the fastest developing member states of the EU, which stands as a leading example of organisation, accessibility and quality in medicine. Foreign patients are more and more trusting their health to Estonian doctors. Members of the Medicine Estonia cluster have more than a decade of experience in exporting their services, and this lets them understand the expectations and needs of visiting patients very well.

The Medicine Estonia cluster brings together the best and best-known hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation cen- tres and other medical institutions, all of which are renowned for their top-quality care, desire to provide successful treatment and attentive attitude to patients.

Welcome to Estonia!

An excellent and caring medical team

A good doctor needs a wise and experienced head, skilled hands and a warm heart
Estonian doctors and medical staff are considered to be among the best in Europe and in the world in many areas. Patients appreciate very much not only the wide range of knowledge and skills that the doctors have, but also their warmth, enthusiasm and personal attention.

The University of Tartu is ranked in the top 3% of universities in the world and has been teaching medicine at the highest levels for four centuries. The Estonian medical system requires its doctors to attend regular further training and qualification so that they can keep abreast of the latest research and the most complex treatments. Several of our surgeons have been chosen to practise in one of the best trauma hospitals in the world in Camp Bastion in Afghanistan.

Estonian doctors are involved in ground-breaking research and in creating innovative treatments and technology. This can be seen in Estonia’s unique laboratory for stem cell cultivation, and in the achievement of the first skin regeneration and the tooth autotransplantation procedure. Tallinn has a world-class multiple sclerosis centre, where even the rarest neurological conditions can be treated.

Interdisciplinary solutions are used every day in Estonia in many areas and the close cooperation between specialists from different fields ensures that treatment solutions are more efficient and often more cost-effective as well. Great value is placed on establishing a direct and caring doctor-patient relationship.

A convenient location and excellent communication skills

A small and cosy Nordic country, which is accessible by sea, land and air
On the shores of the Baltic Sea in the north of Europe, just across from Finland, the geographical location of Estonia gives the country good links by air, land or sea to the rest of Europe and the whole world. This means that patients with different needs can get here by whatever form of transport suits them best.

Most members of Medicine Estonia are based in or around the capital Tallinn and only a short drive away from the airport, railway station, bus station and port. In a small country everything is close at hand, carefully thought through and feels just like home.

Estonians are particularly good at foreign languages and our doctors, nurses and other staff speak excellent English, Russian and Finnish. Patients can get their diagnoses and treatment documentation in any of those languages. Foreign languages are widely spoken in the streets, cafes and shops.

Estonian doctors and medical staff are renowned for their warm and caring attitude. They take into account patients’ individual needs and take the time to communicate directly with the patient.

Patients often travel together with someone accompanying them and the fair price level in Estonia for accommodation, food and entertainment mean that the total costs of travel can work out very reasonable.

Modern technology and convenient e-solutions

Developing medical services through innovation and the latest technology
Top-quality infrastructure is a priority for healthcare in Estonia. The facilities, equipment and technology in medical centres and laboratories are world-class and more modern than in many other European countries. New technology makes treatment more comfortable and effective for the patient and makes communica- tion with the medical service provider simpler and quicker.

Estonia has a unique e-health system that covers the whole country and allows results of diagnoses to reach all the specialists who need them securely, quickly and simultaneously. This permits interdisciplinary solutions to be used, of the sort that are much discussed but rarely seen around the world. Electronic messaging and e-consultation with doctors are routinely used and in 2013, 97% of prescriptions were issued digitally. The Estonian e-health system will also be adopted for use in Finland.

Estonia is the leading country among 30 European nations for the use of ICT in its healthcare system, ahead of Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Skype, which was invented in Estonia, WiFi, webcams and other technical solutions are in everyday use and allow patients to communicate directly with medical staff or with their families. Patients can get their diagnostic and treatment data to take with them on a CD or a memory stick if they want.

High standards of quality and an environment of efficiency

One of the leading European countries for quality and flexibility
The quality requirements of Estonian medical institutions are very high and the standards are strict. Every nuance is considered in great detail and is regulated by both the European Union and Estonia. Doctors in a small nation cannot afford to make the slightest mistake as every patient is important. But a small country can be flexible and can offer individual solutions that are tailored for the specific needs of each patient.

Surveys put Estonia among the leading nations of Europe for medicine, alongside Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland. This can be seen in Estonia’s place in the top five in Europe for high post-operation survival rates in non-cardiac operations and our place in the top ten in the world for high neonatal survival rates. Estonian laboratories and diagnostic centres meet ISO standards and medical institutions have mostly gained excel- lent results in EU competitions for management quality.

Efficient systems keep waiting lists for treatment short and visits can be arranged relatively quickly, generally in a few days or weeks for most services and sometimes even the next day. Members of Medicine Estonia always respond to requests for information within two working days.

Coming to Estonia for treatment – safe, convenient and simple

The Medicine Estonia cluster is a guarantee of quality
The members of Medicine Estonia have worked hard to make coming to Estonia for treatment simple, convenient and reliable for foreign patients. Patients coming from abroad can be sure of high quality solutions in Estonia for their diagnostic and treatment needs in practically every field of medicine.

The Medicine Estonia cluster provides professional information to potential cooperation partners and assists in finding suitable partners in Estonia.

For specific information about treatments, we would ask patients, medical professionals and agents to contact cluster members directly. Medical institutions that are members of the Medicine Estonia cluster have personnel who speak fluent English, Russian and Finnish and who can answer questions, explain their treat- ment options and conditions and introduce their doctors, as well as help organise travel for treatment.

5 steps:

If you are considering medical treatment in Estonia:
• Visit www.medicineestonia.eu
• Choose a medical service
• Choose your preferred service providers
• Contact them directly in English, Finnish or Russian
• You will receive a thorough answer within 2 working days

3 steps:

If you are interested in cooperation with Estonian medical service providers:
• Visit www.medicineestonia.eu
• Contact cluster representatives
• Participate in a sitevisit