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East Tallinn Central Hospital

+372 620 7987
+372 5309 6435
License L03570

Tallinn has world-class centres offering diagnosis of chronic neurological diseases and flexible and comprehensive treatment. Treatment capacity for severe strokes and neurodegenerative diseases The neurology centre at the East Tallinn Central Hospital focuses particularly on stroke treatment and neurodegenerative illnesses that are caused by the ageing of the nervous system. The main focus of the centre is the early diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders. Estonian neurologists are consulted internationally Neurologists working in Estonia are highly qualified and are regularly invited to speak at international conferences and have had articles published in key peer-reviewed scientific journals. They have earned the exceptional trust they are given through the comfortable and friendly atmosphere they create and their dedicated care for their patients and their families. Close interdisciplinary teamwork Neurological treatment in Estonia is carried out by teams of specialists, with neurologists, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, social workers and rehabilitation doctors. Each one is a highly qualified specialist, and together they can ensure the highest quality. They work together to treat the patient and support and train the patient’s family.

THE CHOICE OF SERVICES: • Headache treatment • Migraine treatment • Epilepsy treatment • Treatment of multiple sclerosis • Treatment of autoimmune neurological diseases • Treatment for Parkinson’s disease • Dementia care • Post-stroke rehabilitation • Treatments for rare diseases • Tests • Electroencephalography • Computer tomography • Magnetic tomography

Sample prices: Consultation with a neurologist: € 150 Multiple sclerosis care packages: 1-week package: € 4000 2-week package: € 5500 Multiple sclerosis care packages include: diagnosis, inpatient stay, meals, treatment plan preparation, physiotherapy, and sessions with a speech therapist, psychologist and social worker. The packages do not include the cost of medicines. Psychological consultation and analysis: € 100 5-day physiotherapy treatment package: € 175 *Prices are given as a guideline only. The actual price will depend on the choice of services and may vary between service providers.