Plastic surgery

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Hospital of Reconstructive Surgery

+372 679 0130
License L02184
The Hospital of Reconstructive Surgery is the leading hospital in Estonia for reconstructive surgery, and offers vascular surgery and reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery with a focus on patient welfare and private service.
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Fertilitas Private Hospital

Liina Raieste
+372 605 9603
License L02662, L02665
Fertilitas was founded in 1993 and is Estonia's largest private hospital, with specialists in more than 20 areas including gynaecology and obstetrics, treatment for ear nose and throat illnesses, and rehabilitation services.
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Top Estonian surgeons have world-class plastic surgery skills, and a number of them have chosen to practise in active war zones. Minimally invasive methods are preferred in reconstructive surgery, and the best possible aesthetic results are sought.

The contribution of reconstructive surgery to medical advances
All the most modern methods for plastic surgery are used, together with innovative regenerative medicine techniques. Estonian surgeons work closely with top specialists from the European Union and NATO to develop innovative new treatment techniques and technologies. This can be seen in Estonia’s unique cell laboratory for growing stem cells, and in the completely new operating techniques using stem cells at the Hospital of Reconstructive Surgery, where autologous stem cells from the patient’s own body are transplanted to the damaged areas, where they can repair tissues and organs.

Outstanding international experience
Our surgeons are specialists with long international experience who have practised as visiting surgeons in the world’s leading clinics, several of them in one of the best trauma hospitals in the world in Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. The medical teams caring for patients contain a surgeon, an anaesthetist, a nurse and other specialists, who have learned their skills in Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, England, Germany and the USA.

A popular choice for plastic surgery
Estonian plastic surgeons carry out over 2000 operations a year for foreign patients, most of them from Finland. Demand is high because the doctors and the medical infrastructure are very good, and the post-surgery survival rate in Estonia is one of the best in Europe, ahead of even Finland and Sweden. Personal contact with the patient is considered to be very important in Estonia, with clear and caring communication.

Reconstructive and aesthetic surgery:
• Correction of defects and deformities following trauma
• Correction of various distortions and defects in the development of the hand
• Correction of lymphostasis of the upper and lower limbs
• Medically necessary body reduction surgery
• Surgical treatment of soft tissue tumours
• Breast reconstruction using various methods
• Aesthetic operations on face, body and neck
• Aesthetic operations on the body and limbs

Sample prices*:
Surgery for sagging breasts: € 2800
Surgery for the anterior abdominal wall: € 3000
*rices are given as a guideline only. The actual price will depend on the choice of services and may vary between service providers.