Vascular Surgery

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East Tallinn Central Hospital

+372 620 7987
+372 5309 6435
License L03570

The vision of East Tallinn Central Hospital is to provide the very top level of health service in a Tallinn Hospital, becoming the first choice for patients, partners and staff.
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Hospital of Reconstructive Surgery

+372 679 0130
License L02184
The Hospital of Reconstructive Surgery is the leading hospital in Estonia for reconstructive surgery, and offers vascular surgery and reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery with a focus on patient welfare and private service.
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Medemis Aesthetic Medicine Clinic

+372 6 998 333
Licence L03701

Medemis offers the best medical aesthetic treatments in a friendly and comfortable city-centre environment. Medemis puts special focus on safety and visible treatment results.
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The skills of Estonian vascular surgeons have been proven at the highest global level, and their arsenal includes all the most modern and technologically advanced equipment and methods of treatment, allowing the best possible functional and aesthetic results to be achieved.

A world-class surgical team
Estonia’s vascular surgeons are specialists with long international experience, several of whom have practised in Camp Bastion hospital in the active war zone in Afghanistan, treating the most complex cases requiring operative intervention.

Solutions that save
Both surgery and procedures within the blood vessels like extension and stenting are used to treat the abdominal aorta, and the lower and upper limb arteries and the carotid artery.

European standards of instrumental studies
Many instrumental tests are done during the diagnosis of patients with vein and artery diseases that are the same as in other European centres of vascular surgery. The use of several types of test means that the best solution can be chosen for each individual patient.

• Reconstructive vascular surgery
• Surgical and endovascular (intravenous) treatment for peripheral vascular disease
• Treatment of diabetic and ischemic ulcers
• Surgical treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms
• Treatment of peripheral arterial aneurysms
• Carotid artery surgical treatment to prevent strokes
• Treatment of vascular tumours
• Treatment of varicose veins and venous insufficiency
• Varicose vain removal by various methods including surgery, laser treatments, endovascular treatment and sclerotherapy
• Treatment of venous ulcers
• Endarterectomy

Sample prices*:
Sclerotherapy: € 75
Varicectomy and saphenectomy, removal of varicose veins without trunk removal: € 525
Varicectomy and saphenectomy, removal of varicose veins with trunk removal: € 625
Minimally invasive endovascular laser treatments: € 800
Ultrasound examination of variegated sclerosing artery: € 175
“Shave” surgery of varicose ulcers with skin surgery: € 500
Perforated laser ablation: € 275
*Prices are given as a guideline only. The actual price will depend on the choice of services and may vary between service providers.